Which router do I need to connect to EIT Broadband internet?

Cable Modem Routers and DSL routers will NOT work with our network!

You will need an ethernet LAN router that has an ethernet WAN port for connectivity. Today, there are many routers to choose from and most can be purchased from your local Best Buy or Walmart store. The model of router you will need depends on the layout of your home or business. We typically recommend a Netgear Nighthawk router, but just about any router will do as long as it meets the specifications as indicated and meets the requirements of your home or business. If you already have a router that meets the specifications indicated it will work with our internet. Please make sure that this router is not a lease from your current or previous provider, as the will typically as for it to be returned after your service is discontinued.
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I am having issues connecting to the internet, what should I do?
Before calling our office, it is recommened that you unplug all internet equipment for at least 30 seconds. This includes your router and the power supply installed by EIT Broadband. This will allow the equipment to reboot and have a fresh start. It is also recommended that you wait at least 5 minutes after reconnecting power to these devices, before trying to use the internet. Some routers and equipment can take additional time to completely come online. If after rebooting your internet equipment and EIT Broadband equipment (the power supply installed by EIT Broadband) you continue to have issues, call our office as you may have a more techincal issue that needs to be resolved.
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Is EIT Broadband a satellite service?
NO! EIT Broadband is a point-to-point wireless internet service provider. The biggest difference between the two is we operate below the clouds and weather that typically causes your satellite service to go out.
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Can I watch Netflix HD programming with EIT Broadband internet?

Yes, Netflix recommends 5Mbps download speeds to stream in HD. Your EIT Broadband intenet connection is double that at 10Mbps.  
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Do I have to buy the equipment installed by EIT Broadband?
No, you do not. EIT Broadband provides and maintains the radio outside your home or business. You as a customer are required to provide and maintain your router and any additional equipment inside your home. For an additional monthly fee, EIT Broadband will lease a router to you and we will maintain it for the duration of the lease.
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