Unlike the other internet providers that serve rural commmunities, we only offer one plan. We are often asked why. It's because we won't sale you something you can't get. With the other guys, often, your speed remains the same no matter which package you choose. We have seen customers with the slowest packages and customers with the fast packages and their speeds are exactly the same. It's because no matter which package you choose, the available bandwidth doesn't exist.

At EIT Broadband, we have nothing to hide. We offer one plan for everyone. Everyone gets the same great speeds for the same great price that aren't hidden behind packages that may or may not provide faster internet services.

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Our Service Plan:


 - 10Mbps Download/3Mbps Upload
 - Unlimited Data Usage (no cap), Never Slowed Down
 - Always Connected
 - No Modem Required, (just your router is needed)
 - Stream Movies in HD


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